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Distance learning 2011 2012, online training and all information about how to choose college and university online

The project concept ON-LINE STUDY-free learning online is a world in which you can teach and get paid for it or you can learn by choosing a convenient schedule and a reasonable budget. The project is built conveniently, you can configure your desired schedule and communicate in any way you like (ICQ, Scype, chat), to regulate finance. What's the difference where the teacher in San Francisco or Moscow? What's the difference where the student, in London or Tokyo? You can meet all here!

Curiosity, earnest interest, preparation for new life steps, check yourself and acquire confidence in their knowledge ...
Questions, questions ... They require timely and skilled response. To get these answers Lomonosov was 19 years old, walked with a fish wagon train to enter the first grade. Today, every inquisitive mind in any remote area with low cost can have online training, distance learning through the Internet. Online learning provides students with opportunities to provide an independent exploration of the material under study. The term "distance" or online learning means "remote", learning without direct contact between teacher and student. Information technology at the present stage of development provides us with considerable flexibility in the choice of means for distance learning. I must to say that at present the term e-learning, as well as online learning means widely. It is communication with the student teacher, and distribution of jobs and education through forums and chat rooms, and various kinds of decision-examination in the form of electronic tests. With distance learning a unique opportunity of individual communication, which is absent in the traditional group and self-learning method.

The use of Internet technologies in distance education and online learning has several advantages:
• If you cannot find the right book in book form, for remote online training you can find it in the form electronically.

• In online learning with the help of Internet technology you can wait for many days to get an answer to your question, get tested in their knowledge for confidence.

• This training will be cheaper for you, because You pay only for the knowledge that you will get: You do not need to pay for travel expenses, accommodation and bear other costs associated with training in another city.

• Especially important is the opportunity for citizens of CIS countries. In the same online courses wishing to anywhere in the CIS will be able to learn the same way as the citizens of Russia and, more importantly, for the same price. The same opportunity for distance learning and have people abroad.

• At any time you can ask questions by e-mail and get a quick answer.

• Distance online learning takes place at any time convenient for you. You can choose your own plan of learning and the material that will fit your personality, desires and possibilities.

• Since everyone learns in different ways (some more receptive to listening, some prefer reading and so forth.) Under distance education is able to provide everyone an opportunity to learn the most convenient, including training in audio or video courses, a variety of graphics and so on.

• The undeniable advantage of online learning and choosing the distance college (university) is the possibility of individual control over the process of developing new material.

Our teachers, who own the system of online teaching methods will help you with a solid mastery of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Internet distance learning project, located on our web site is designed for a wide range of fans of knowledge. Wherever you are, no matter how old are you, we will always support you qualified and prompt assistance. And for all life, our website will become your good friend. Constant training of new and useful - this is a step on the path of personal development and movement to success.

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