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MAP of distance learning university 2012 or online college.

We offer a rough outline of how the distance learning online university. Recently, higher education online is becoming an integral part of life dynamic and motivated people who value their time. University INTERNET DEPARTMENT is one of the foremost institutions of higher education, which represents a decent sample distance of the university. Consider the basic design elements of online university INTERNET DEPARTMENT.

• Admission to the Internet department maybe as a traditional way, just arrived, and institute, and through a special system of admission on the website, without the personal presence of applicants.

• After processing all the documents required for admission, you formed an individual training plan and training schedule;

• Next, according to the curriculum formed the first block of subjects for study, for which you need to make payment;

• After receiving your payment, we provide you with access to teaching materials on paid subjects (video lessons, workshops, lectures, tutorials and online lessons):

o on the disk,

o in printed form,

o on the site.

• When further interactions with the manager of the Internet department you are entitled to receive all necessary information about the learning process: a personal schedule, monitor progress, teachers, etc.

• You also have the opportunity to get advice from teachers on the implementation of the theoretical and coursework, as well as on preparations for the examinations and tests, through the web site of the Institute or other means as agreed with the manager of the Internet department;

• Commissioning tests, exams, test, term papers, tests and other test is carried out either through a special system of testing on the site, or directly upon arrival at the institution after agreeing it with the manager of online faculty;

• After acquiring prepaid block courses, you choose the next set of disciplines (must be harmonized with the manager) and pay it;

• At the final stage of training programs of higher education, you have the right to choose the head of graduate engineering, as well as the topic of the diploma (required coordination with the head);

• Upon completion of training you will receive a diploma of state sample:

• At any stage of training at the institute you have the right to order additional sets of services through the Internet Department Manager (additional advice, additional training materials, additional disciplines, courses, etc.);

• You also have the right to study the program further education, business education, and obtain other services related to your profession.

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