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Online education in colleges 2012 and distance study in universities.

The main feature of online education in colleges and universities:
The main feature of learning on the Internet department - reducing the personal presence of the student at the Institute to a minimum.

Personalization of online education in colleges and universities:
For each student online faculty formed an individual plan and training schedule with the wishes of the student's assigned manager of maintenance training, open access to the system university where the student can manage his learning process, as well as find free textbooks, seminars, online courses and video tutorials for distance education at a college or university.

Communication in distance education:
Going to college, communicating with the manager, consulting with teachers could be due to electronic communication channels (email, forums, ICQ, etc.) as well as personally, directly to the Institute.

The system of training and payment of online education in colleges and universities:
The training system and payment is subject. Usually man pays at least 5 subjects at a time. Not less than 10 and not more than 20 subjects per year. Payments are accepted at any bank. The cost of a single discipline ranging from 50 US.

Educational-methodical provision of online education in colleges and universities:
Each student is provided with a complete package of training materials and recommendations on the organization of educational process on CD-ROM (books, seminars, and online job exercises, video tutorials and audio lectures for distance learning), as well as an opportunity to access the Internet to databases the institute.

Admission to the distance colleges and universities:

Enter on this form of training is possible at any time;

When applying to college or college must submit:


• photocopy of your passport,

• a photocopy of the document on education,

• 6 photos (3x4).

Terms of training in distance colleges and universities:
Minimum period of training 3 years. The maximum period of training is not regulated.

Open distance learning and online learning in universities and colleges - is:

the possibility of entering the institute at any time of the year;

• the possibility of forming an individual training plan and schedule with the wishes of the student;

• a choice, taking into account the replacement of disciplines and careers in the workplace;

• the possibility of additional education and participation in other programs;

• ability to select and replace the teacher-facilitators for the implementation of projects and dissertations;

• access to databases of the Institute: teachers made research papers, educational materials, etc.

• access to education in the institute without having to leave their residence and work;

• the possibility of reducing the cost of training.

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