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TOP best universities USA (ranking 2012)

Recently, I often have to ask questions about online learning at universities U.S.A, so today I'll talk about the best online universities programs, and highlights the issue of university ranking 2012. With the development of technology, more and more cheapest universities USA offers students classes that can be taken online, but in recent years as an opportunity to get a degree online, that is fully trained in the best online university USA. And online you can get almost any degree - from undergraduate to master's, engineering, MBA, nurisng etc. University where I received a master's degree (The New School University), also offers many online courses and programs, so that with this system, I know for a long time and even took two online courses, when I was. Degree in which I received, it was also possible to get completely online.

Ratings US News and World Reports include not only the standard study program and best universities of USA, and also online programs.  Online program is divided into three parts:

1. The teaching staff and their experience in teaching online and offline.

2. The level of participation of students in learning and evaluation (how fast the teacher speaks to the students as it is available, etc.)

3. Student Services and Technologies (is it possible to consult with the teacher "on the air", a university provides advice on employment, there is access to the classroom through mobile apps, is it possible to listen to lectures on the air, etc.)

After studying the most TOP universities USA, offering online learning, News and World Reports have identified the best of the best undergraduate programs, that is, those who are in the top 40 in all three criteria:

1. Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, FL)

2. Pace University (New York, NY)

3. University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

4. Westfield State University (Westfield, MA)

It is important to note that all the universities represented in the ranking (there are 179) - conventional universities offering as a regular training, and online programs. For those who think about online education at an American university, I advise always to pay attention to the accreditation of the university. In the future I will write ratings of the best online programs in engineering, business, information technology, and nursing.

Now, in order to score posmotrert U.S. universities do not have anywhere to go, the list of top universities in the U.S. can be found right here. Smart Rank-rating, built on several factors, including ratings US News and World Reports, Forbes and the ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities), and also taking into account such factors as admission standards and the level of "containment" of students at the university (retention rate ) - that is, the number of students who stay on to study at the university after the end of the first program.

TOP best universities in the USA 2012

Princeton University 

Harvard University

Yale University 

Stanford University 

Northwestern University 

University of Notre Dame 

Dartmouth College 

Washington and Lee University 

Duke University 

Bowdoin College 

Brown University 

Amherst College 

University of Pennsylvania 

Swarthmore College 

University of Chicago 

Pomona College 

Williams College 

California Institute of Technology 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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