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Where are you going to learn, or how to choose a university in the United States. Part 2

In the first part of this article on how to choose the best top university U.S., I talked about the factors such as the accreditation, quality and price. But there are also other important factors:

4. Level of English for admission to universities USA 2012-2013. If your English is not very high score on the TOEFL or have below-through, you may want to choose universities with ESL program (English-as-a-second language) before the study. Some cheap U.S. universities offer conditional admission online, if you come to them for all criteria, but the English have a low level. In this case, if you take a university course and pass the ESL test passing score, you will be enrolled in a university.

5. The availability of health services in USA universities and colleges. Many cheap and the best universities in the U.S. have medical centers offering free or low-cost basic health care for students. If you have any health problems, or if you need to for health reasons from time to time to go to the doctor, you will have to choose the university, whose medical center provides services you need. Remember that medicine in America is very expensive, so you need to have to have insurance in case of serious illness or any other unforeseen circumstances.

6. Lodging in USA universities and colleges. Do you want to live in a student residence, or rent a private apartment? Does your university with finding off-campus housing? If you are married / married and your spouse comes to you, the United States provides a university family housing? These are just some issues which need to find out before you choose the best university USA 2012 2013. Some city cheapest universities might not provide accommodation to students.

7. Safety. Many universities in the U.S. provide crime statistics on campus, also pay attention to campus safety and security services. An important information when choosing a university, in which you have to live for years.

8. Social and sporting life in the USA college or university. If you do not imagine my life without the actor's mug or without a game of tennis, at least once a week, it is worth to study the social and sporting life of the university you want to do. Most of the top universities in the U.S. offer the organization for every taste and for every interest. As for sports, professional sports in the United States begins just in universities, so if you want to continue their sport at a serious level, to get to the university team and speak at the event, you should choose the university and college, which is well developed your sport.

9. Climate. This factor may be important. If you are used to living in a warm and dry climate, you may be uncomfortable to learn where the climate is very humid, or where the winters are very long and cold. Conversely, one can not tolerate the heat. In some parts of Florida or Texas in the summer temperatures can reach 40 ° C.

10. Religion. If you care to practice their religion, to choose university, where there is a possibility (for example, Muslims may be important so that the campus was a mosque).

11. Student atmosphere. Each university has its own culture and atmosphere - one creates a friendly atmosphere, and encourages participation in the community and give students a lot of personal attention, while others stress the independence and provide a minimum of control. Select an atmosphere in which it will be comfortable for you.

In the next article we read about on the factors that you should pay attention when choosing the Bachelor program, and which - if you select master or doctorate.

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