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What is the online home schooling? Responsible specialist of educational center Rachevsky 2012

-Children drop out of school and prefer not to learn at school or online learning

- Our overall mentality is that the study can be only at school. But outside the school child can learning anything. Was recently at the "round table" with representatives of non-formal education - distance, family. The guys gave excellent statistics. While in Russia, for example, in 2008, education in family form have 11 thousand people in 2010 - already 97 000. And in the U.S. in 2007 the figure was 1.2 million, and now - more than 2 million. Chart success also striking. The success of those who study online and do not go to school - and a half times higher.

- Can children forget to go to school?

- This is certainly not going to happen. But we, fortunately, come to understand that not only teaches school. I remember one bild at school: "Going to school should not interfere with my education." Twenty years ago it was impossible. Too poor were non-school sources of information. But who wanted to find one.

I've been in school in the small Bessarabian town. And my classmates, enthusiastic physics, the favorite subject at a high level were studied in absentia - in the physical-mathematical school in Novosibirsk. Assignments sent by mail. Take a standard of excellence in the prestigious U.S. universities or in England: the student's third year of classroom load - 6-7 hours per week. The rest of the time - a library of research. And we have the illusion that if a teacher is not your code within 45 minutes, then you do not learn.

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