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Home Schooling and online family study 2012

Today, parents have the right to decide how the child will learn - every day to go to school, get an education at home or in the form of external studies.

The family has the right to choose a school: state, municipal or private, and the form of education. Taking into account the needs and capabilities of students educational programs can adapt themselves to the following forms: full-time, part-time (evening), part-time, the form of family education, self-education, external and online study. Parents have the right to decide how the child will learn - every day to go to school, get an education at home or in the form of external studies.
If the forms of education in educational institutions and in the form of external all clear, then the family form of training - a lot of questions that require explanation.
Family (domestic) education - a form of child development education programs of primary general, basic general, secondary (complete) general education in the family. Home schooling as well as external training, is available in any class, with at any time to return to school.
Parents who choose the form of training for your child, need to know about the following features of family education:
• You will find a school which is registered in the charter of the family form of training. To do this, you can contact with the local education authorities, where there is data on all district schools. You have to write an application to the Director. You can get to school on time, learning in the family free textbooks and literature from the school library, methodological support and advice to teachers.
• The state is obliged to pay the parents or persons substituting for them, cash equal to the cost of education of the child as if he continued to study at the state or municipal schools.
• Train a child in the home can be as parents themselves, and invited lecturers.
• When teaching a child the family is attached to a particular school, so it retains all rights.
• Students each year are certified in a secondary school and its follow-up to address the teachers' meeting transferred to the next grade. Final certification in the form of oral and written examinations required for all students. Passed the examination receive a state approved an appropriate education.
• Monitoring of training is administered by the school. If the student does not assimilate the program, its administration can continue to offer training in school, to translate the class compensatory leave for training or a refresher course.
• All disputes are resolved by local education authorities.
Given the growing interest in the form of family education, especially in elementary school, the Center of "Domestic (family) learning," which is intended to provide guidance and counseling to parents.

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