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How to choose online school for distance study 2012

The Center of intense Technology in Education over ten years experience in the field of training and methodological support and organization of general education of external studies, intensive preparation for final exams, distance learning students.

We collaborate with the best schools, external studies , developed by The Center of intense Technology in Education involved in external studies program development, intensive training and distance education in the schools, supported by the City Department of Education and Ministry of Education and Science. Schools hold the current, interim and final certification, shall direct preparation for the exams issued by the state education documents - Certificates. Our center organizes intensive training externs, including through the Internet, developing training materials and manuals for these sessions, as well as for self-training, and the current interim assessment provides other types of teaching methods to support external students, including preparation for delivery Unified State Exam ..
Staff information service not only advise form of online training and help in choosing the externship, but also willing to answer all questions related to the choice of forms of learning (traditional, family, distance).

Offers for students

You can choose the format you require training:

External studies
Getting a full secondary education over the Internet
Additional training for school subjects for high school students via the Internet

Any student can be trained to the exam, engaging in person or over the Internet.

Proposals for general education

For schools we offer advice and guidance to the organization on the basis of their external training, specialized education.

All necessary information about this program, online training, on how to choose a college, school or university for distance learning and much more can be found on our website

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