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In the first part of this article on how to choose the best top university U.S., I talked about the factors such as the accreditation, quality and price. But there are also other important factors:

4. Level of English for admission to universities USA 2012-2013. If your English is not very high score on the TOEFL or have below-through, you may want to choose universities with ESL program (English-as-a-second language) before the study. Some cheap U.S. universities offer conditional admission online, if you come to them for all criteria, but the English have a low level. In this case, if you take a university course and pass the ESL test passing score, you will be enrolled in a university.

5. The availability of health services in USA universities and colleges. Many cheap and the best universities in the U.S. have medical centers offering free or low-cost basic health care for students. If you have any health problems, or if you need to for health reasons from time to time to go to the doctor, you will have to choose the university, whose medical center provides services you need. Remember that medicine in America is very expensive, so you need to have to have insurance in case of serious illness or any other unforeseen circumstances.

6. Lodging in USA universities and colleges. Do you want to live in a student residence, or rent a private apartment? Does your university with finding off-campus housing? If you are married / married and your spouse comes to you, the United States provides a university family housing? These are just some issues which need to find out before you choose the best university USA 2012 2013. Some city cheapest universities might not provide accommodation to students.

7. Safety. Many universities in the U.S. provide crime statistics on campus, also pay attention to campus safety and security services. An important information when choosing a university, in which you have to live for years.

8. Social and sporting life in the USA college or university. If you do not imagine my life without the actor's mug or without a game of tennis, at least once a week, it is worth to study the social and sporting life of the university you want to do. Most of the top universities in the U.S. offer the organization for every taste and for every interest. As for sports, professional sports in the United States begins just in universities, so if you want to continue their sport at a serious level, to get to the university team and speak at the event, you should choose the university and college, which is well developed your sport.

9. Climate. This factor may be important. If you are used to living in a warm and dry climate, you may be uncomfortable to learn where the climate is very humid, or where the winters are very long and cold. Conversely, one can not tolerate the heat. In some parts of Florida or Texas in the summer temperatures can reach 40 ° C.

10. Religion. If you care to practice their religion, to choose university, where there is a possibility (for example, Muslims may be important so that the campus was a mosque).

11. Student atmosphere. Each university has its own culture and atmosphere - one creates a friendly atmosphere, and encourages participation in the community and give students a lot of personal attention, while others stress the independence and provide a minimum of control. Select an atmosphere in which it will be comfortable for you.

In the next article we read about on the factors that you should pay attention when choosing the Bachelor program, and which - if you select master or doctorate.


When you choose best education programs or top university USA, you should consider several factors. Here are some of them:

1. Accreditation. American Education costs money, so it would be foolish to throw them on the online university or college whose diploma or certificate will not be recognized by other universities or employers. Accreditation of USA universities - a voluntary process in which educational institutions submit their best education programs and degrees in regional organizations in order to evaluate them. Approval of organizations means that the TOP schools, colleges, universities USA meet minimum standards of quality and integrity in the academic process. There are two types of accreditation:

• Institutional (given when the best college or university meets certain standards of accreditation agencies)

• specialized, professional or program (focused on the narrower framework of standards typical of a certain specialty). Licensing boards and commissions that regulate certain professions may require that the student teaching program with specialized accreditation. Therefore, the future of the student to know what it means to be licensed practitioner in your area. Federal Financial Aid is also available to students only accredited universities.

2. Quality. Despite the quality of some accredited education program in a university is quite difficult to define. Most best, expensive universities and education programs are not always the best, even in a best university USA, not all programs can be of superior quality. A few tips how to determine the quality of the program:

- How are the lessons: if all couples are taught solely as a lecture, or there are also workshops and discussions for students?

- Features an independent study or work with a teacher: whether the research programs for bachelor, is a program for those who have excelled (honors programs)?

- Education and selection of students: is the University USA open enrollment, that is, one that takes almost all, competitive, and highly competitive, which is not so easy to get into. Can help determine the competitive ranking US News & World Report-there is a point about how students are selected selectively for each university.

- Research and publications of a particular teaching faculty - the best proof of the quality of certain education programs. B good program for best top universities USA was at least one of the teachers is famous in academic circles for your specialty. All additional information about online universities and colleges in the U.S., you get in our articles.

3. Price. Pay attention not only to tuition and fees, but also living expenses. Remember that as an international student, you will need to provide proof of availability of funds for at least 1 year of training in TOP cheap universities and colleges, and even housing BEFORE you accept and could have offered financial aid. Be sure to pay attention to the availability of financial aid for international students. As an international student you can apply for Federal Financial Aid, so it is important to know the availability of university scholarships and the opportunity to get them. A good source for this rating can be Forbes - it provides information on each top best university and online college in 2013, including the percentage of foreign students receiving financial assistance from the university.

The following factors, such as knowledge of English, the availability of medical services, housing, security, etc. Read the following article.

That allows American universities occupy the first positions in the  educational institutions rankings around the world? Best top cheap online universities in USA for MBA, giving higher education in the United States, seek to meet the requirements of the most advanced in their studies of practical and theoretical subjects. Technical equipment of educational institutions - the best in the world. Opportunities for research - the most extensive. Many famous European professors with more enthusiastic about the possibility of lecturing in the United States universities, and best top cheap online universities in USA for MBA have to do all the financial opportunities.

United States - the undisputed world leader in the number of foreign students enrolled in free distance schools, in best top cheap online universities in USA, in online classes and USA college. There are several reasons. Among the most tangible is said to be following.
First, a huge selection of learning online degree programs-from the typical "run-in" time and tradition, to unique and super modern. Without exaggeration we can say that if there is any profession in the world, surely they can learn it in one way or another Indiana university, because in total to more than 1000.
Second, a strong scientific base. Best top cheap online universities in USA for MBA - not just higher education. Each of them is a Centre for Scientific Research, which conducts leading-edge developments in all the areas of knowledge and discoveries are made louder.
Third, a recognized reputation of the faculty. Proceeding in the best top universities in USA for MBA, a student can be sure: it will teach people not only possess masterfully as its subject, but often managed to say in it a new word.
Fourth, the excellent infrastructure. Technical equipment of the laboratories of USA schools, Top universities, best colleges can make pale with envy other scientific institutions, the wealth of libraries - now not only "paper", but also electronic - is amazing, the organization of educational process, as well as life and leisure suit most students demanding requirements.
Finally, fifth, benefits of online education in USA and «weight» of the American diploma in the global labor market still has no competitors. By investing in getting distance online higher education in USA you can be sure they will return.

Best top cheap online universities in USA for MBA

U.S. Universities
At present there are about 160 online universities in USA for MBA, which should be added to nearly 2,000 colleges to four-year training program, as well as about 1,500 two-year top best colleges in USA, and technical online schools.

List of Indiana universities in USA


  • · Holy Cross College  
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Bloomington
  • · Purdue University System - Purdue University Calumet
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Columbus
  • · Purdue University System - School of Technology at Anderson
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Richmond / Connersville
  • · Vincennes University
  • · Anderson University
  • · Bethel College, Mishawaka
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University-Bloomington
  • · Butler University
  • · Christian Theological Seminary
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Crawfordsville, Frankfort, Lafayette
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University-Kokomo
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Indianapolis
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Gary
  • · Goshen College
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Kokomo, LoganSport, Wabash
  • · Hanover College
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis
  • · Huntington College
  • · Indiana Institute of Technology
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - East Central Region (Anderson, Marion, Muncie)
  • · Purdue University System - Indiana University/Purdue University at Fort Wayne
  • · Indiana State University
  • · Indiana University System
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Elkhart, South Bend, Warsaw
  • · Ball State University
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University-East
  • · Franklin College
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University-Northwest
  • · Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Evansville
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University-Southeast
  • · Purdue University System - Purdue University
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Lawrenceburg
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University/Purdue University at Columbus
  • · DePauw University
  • · Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion
  • · Manchester College
  • · Purdue University System - School of Technology at Indianapolis
  • · Martin University
  • · Grace College
  • · Purdue University System - Indiana University/Purdue University at Columbus
  • · Earlham College
  • · Ivy Tech Community College - Sellersburg
  • · Purdue University System - Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis
  • · Marian College
  • · Purdue University System - Purdue University North Central
  • · Saint Mary`s College, Notre Dame
  • · Purdue University System - School of Technology at Kokomo
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University-South Bend
  • · Oakland City University
  • · Purdue University System - School of Technology at South Bend/Elkhart
  • · Ball State University  
  • · Purdue University System - School of Technology at Versailles
  • · Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • · Indiana University System - Indiana University/Purdue University at Fort Wayne
  • · Saint Joseph`s College
  • · Taylor University
  • · Purdue University System - School of Technology at Columbus
  • · Tri-State University
  • · Valparaiso University
  • · University of Evansville
  • · University of Indianapolis
  • · Purdue University System - School of Technology at New Albany
  • · University of Notre Dame
  • · University of Saint Francis
  • · University of Southern Indiana
  • · Wabash College


It adopted a multi-educational model, whereby the free distance online higher education is divided into cycles. The first of these is called the undergraduate, lasts four years and ends with the award of the title of the bachelor: Humanities (Bachelor of Arts, BA) or natural (Bachelor of Science, BSc) of Science. Usually in the course of an undergraduate degree is approximately 30 academic disciplines, each of which is estimated to be a certain number of credits. In general, the undergraduate degree must earn 120 credits. The loan is considered "earned" if the student attended a certain number of lectures (measured by academic hours), carried out a number of practical and laboratory work, written and passed his own work (essay, report, essay, etc.).
American higher education system is very flexible. Thus, if the first two years of undergraduate study program involve the study of a number of basic disciplines, mandatory for all, then at the last two students have the opportunity to choose for themselves their interest rates from a fairly lengthy list. In addition to a certain number of credits a student must obtain an average score Graduate Point Average not below the level.
The next step is postgraduate and leads to the award of a Master's degree (Master's Degree). Another possible way - specialization within the framework of Professional School, after which the graduate is assigned to the degree of Advanced Professional Degree. These online degree programs designed for two-year occupation, which is crowned by the final protection work. Incidentally, more than half of foreign students studying it at the master's programs, they are also the owners of the lion's share of scholarships and grants to foreign students.
Crowns the top of the U.S. doctoral education. After successfully defending his thesis graduate of universities in USA awarded the degree of PhD - Doctor of Philosophy (the traditional name of degree, not only accepted in the United States, but also in other English-speaking countries, regardless of the specific field of knowledge).
The highest prestige in the world enjoys the best group of eight universities in USA, united in the Ivy League (Ivy League). Here, the highest in the country, tuition fees and the most stringent entrance requirements. The remaining schools are divided on a territorial basis: top universities in the Midwest USA, North, South and West regions.
Among them there are both state-financed from the budget of the state and private, as contained in the means of individuals or foundations. Choosing a particular online degree program, it should be borne in mind that even within the same University, teaching various disciplines can greatly vary in terms of quality. In modest cheap online universities in USA you can find a very strong program in a separate department.
Among the most popular specialties that attract foreign students are business, management, law, medicine, engineering and natural sciences, physics, mathematics and computer science.

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