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We offer a rough outline of how the distance learning online university. Recently, higher education online is becoming an integral part of life dynamic and motivated people who value their time. University INTERNET DEPARTMENT is one of the foremost institutions of higher education, which represents a decent sample distance of the university. Consider the basic design elements of online university INTERNET DEPARTMENT.

• Admission to the Internet department maybe as a traditional way, just arrived, and institute, and through a special system of admission on the website, without the personal presence of applicants.

• After processing all the documents required for admission, you formed an individual training plan and training schedule;

• Next, according to the curriculum formed the first block of subjects for study, for which you need to make payment;

• After receiving your payment, we provide you with access to teaching materials on paid subjects (video lessons, workshops, lectures, tutorials and online lessons):

o on the disk,

o in printed form,

o on the site.

• When further interactions with the manager of the Internet department you are entitled to receive all necessary information about the learning process: a personal schedule, monitor progress, teachers, etc.

• You also have the opportunity to get advice from teachers on the implementation of the theoretical and coursework, as well as on preparations for the examinations and tests, through the web site of the Institute www.sibe.ru or other means as agreed with the manager of the Internet department;

• Commissioning tests, exams, test, term papers, tests and other test is carried out either through a special system of testing on the site, or directly upon arrival at the institution after agreeing it with the manager of online faculty;

• After acquiring prepaid block courses, you choose the next set of disciplines (must be harmonized with the manager) and pay it;

• At the final stage of training programs of higher education, you have the right to choose the head of graduate engineering, as well as the topic of the diploma (required coordination with the head);

• Upon completion of training you will receive a diploma of state sample:

• At any stage of training at the institute you have the right to order additional sets of services through the Internet Department Manager (additional advice, additional training materials, additional disciplines, courses, etc.);

• You also have the right to study the program further education, business education, and obtain other services related to your profession.

Online education in colleges and distance study in universities - a unique opportunity to BECOME A MEMBER OF THE DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ITS INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PROJECT chosen specialty and Practice Areas

Individual educational project online at the moment education in colleges and distance study in universities - is:

• Co-manager and student interaction to develop and implement an individual educational program;

• Selection of training programs and specific type of professional activity of the student;

• Development of an individual schedule and sequence of study subjects according to individual needs;

• Individual choice of content control, term papers, thesis papers, etc., taking into account the present or future careers of the student;

• Choice of additional educational services tailored to individual needs;

• Possibility of formation of individual project for career growth;

• Participate in the formation of the cost (expenses) for the implementation of the selected educational project;

• Participate in determining the schedule of payment.

Individual educational project online at the moment education in colleges and distance study in universities - for those:

• Who has a serious purpose for the future and is committed to continuous professional development and career advancement;

• Who wants himself to participate in shaping the educational program, according to their needs;

• Who wants to define itself dates and sequence of study subjects;

• Who is interested in the individualization of instruction;

• Who wants to grow professionally and develop the use of modern computer technology in education;

• Who wants to be able to use all sorts of additional educational services to best meet their individual needs;

• Who wants to form a separate project a career in the light of their goals in life;

• Who does not want to be tied to the standard curriculum and schedules;

• Who wants to be involved in determining prices for additional services and the timing of payments.

The main feature of online education in colleges and universities:
The main feature of learning on the Internet department - reducing the personal presence of the student at the Institute to a minimum.

Personalization of online education in colleges and universities:
For each student online faculty formed an individual plan and training schedule with the wishes of the student's assigned manager of maintenance training, open access to the system university where the student can manage his learning process, as well as find free textbooks, seminars, online courses and video tutorials for distance education at a college or university.

Communication in distance education:
Going to college, communicating with the manager, consulting with teachers could be due to electronic communication channels (email, forums, ICQ, etc.) as well as personally, directly to the Institute.

The system of training and payment of online education in colleges and universities:
The training system and payment is subject. Usually man pays at least 5 subjects at a time. Not less than 10 and not more than 20 subjects per year. Payments are accepted at any bank. The cost of a single discipline ranging from 50 US.

Educational-methodical provision of online education in colleges and universities:
Each student is provided with a complete package of training materials and recommendations on the organization of educational process on CD-ROM (books, seminars, and online job exercises, video tutorials and audio lectures for distance learning), as well as an opportunity to access the Internet to databases the institute.

Admission to the distance colleges and universities:

Enter on this form of training is possible at any time;

When applying to college or college must submit:


• photocopy of your passport,

• a photocopy of the document on education,

• 6 photos (3x4).

Terms of training in distance colleges and universities:
Minimum period of training 3 years. The maximum period of training is not regulated.

Open distance learning and online learning in universities and colleges - is:

the possibility of entering the institute at any time of the year;

• the possibility of forming an individual training plan and schedule with the wishes of the student;

• a choice, taking into account the replacement of disciplines and careers in the workplace;

• the possibility of additional education and participation in other programs;

• ability to select and replace the teacher-facilitators for the implementation of projects and dissertations;

• access to databases of the Institute: teachers made research papers, educational materials, etc.

• access to education in the institute without having to leave their residence and work;

• the possibility of reducing the cost of training.

Online Learning Center offers educational institutions:

1. Organization of students teaching using distance technologies in the field:

Economics and Accounting



Hotel Services



Land and property relations"

Automated Information Processing and Management

The software of computers and automated systems

Computer networks

Computer systems and complexes""Programming in Computer Systems"

Information Systems

The company provides the technology of distance education at different levels of Internet usage (from minimum to maximum). The institution is free to choose the degree of Internet use in the implementation of the educational process.

2. Organization of students teaching using distance technologies for individual subjects
The institution receives:

• Training and educational materials for students (workbooks, multimedia courses);

• Online support for the learning process (each student, teacher or administrator receive a personal login and password to work on the Training server, where you can get certification materials, additional teaching materials, counseling and get tested).

The use of these technologies can be in any form or online learning.


reducing the burden on teachers;
provision of training in case of the teachers absence

The cost of distance education in colleges and universities is depending on the number of disciplines. Number of students must be at least 20 people.

3. The organization of students Special Education the following directions:

economic and social profile;
information and technological profile.

Each profile includes a profile subjects and elective courses for grades 10-11. The company provides training materials students, teaching - teachers, organized by the Internet support the learning process.

All online courses and subjects are developed:

thematic unit plans;

educational materials for students (workbooks and multimedia courses);

educational materials for teachers (role-playing, practical situations, logic puzzles, practical work, etc. with the recommendations and their implementation scenarios);

certification materials (test items, test papers, etc.);

virtual resources specialized training portal (theoretical material, advice, training and credit banks test software testing with preservation protocols).

4. Preparation for the Unified State Exam, which may be done for students in preparatory courses for students (if they're going to continue studying at a university). Since the results of the Unified State Exam valid 1.5 years, many will retake it.


Materials for teacher:

The program.

A selection of test items for each lesson.
Analysis of test tasks.
Recommendations for training and ways to improve test scores.

Materials for the students to each of the 15 sessions, which are placed on the training server and include:

Analysis of test tasks.
Analysis of test tasks.
Major mistakes.
Percentage of incorrect assignment.
Electronic simulator.
Control tasks.

5. Organization of teaching students using distance technologies in general education.

6. Organization of teaching students using remote technology in the second degree (including students enrolled in an educational institution in the major field).

7. Organization of online learning with the use of distance technologies in programs of additional education areas:

Manager of Human Resources.
Manager to work with clients.
Office Manager.
User Microsoft Office.
Operator Database Microsoft Access.
Basics of the Internet.
Basics on PC.

8. Organization of training students for the professions without a license (with the use of resources for regional centers).

9. Open a Web representation of educational institutions on the website CITO. Internet presence is an independent information resource for researchers with direct access to the training server odoportal.

For educational institutions, implementing the "Program of development of distance education in secondary vocational education," Internet representation is free of charge.

All necessary information about this program, online training, on how to choose a college or university for distance learning and much more can be found at http://www.cito.ru.

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