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 Of the more than 2.500 best colleges in the U.S., make up the lion's share is small, private universities, USA. As a result of receiving a spring 2009 (for fall semester), about 70% of American students of Virginia have opted for private colleges, MBA ONLINE and small universities of Virginia. Why do young best online university of Virginia so popular?

 First, the small best online university of Virginia carefully preserve their traditions, have unusually attractive academic atmosphere and your every day on campus will be a new acquaintance with the history and art of the United States. You will engage in the classroom that can be remembered Lincoln, Washington or Roosevelt, relax in the park under the trees planted two hundred years ago, and appointments to the malls, which have seen more than one generation of students. For example, built in 1895 at the University of Bridgeport, the famous Bryant Hall, decorated with mosaics and intricate engraved patterns, marked the beginning of a new architectural style in the development of the town of Bridgeport.

 Second, a small private university of Virginia ensure maximum attention and care about students at all stages of the admissions process: While the huge public universities top USA are limited to automatic dispatch instructions for entering in private online university of Virginia each student is assigned a consultant admission. Very often, if you have enough points for the chosen specialty, you may offer to enter into another department.
Third, the relationship between teachers and students in small private universities MBA and online college of Virginia is always in favor of the students. On average, one teacher here can account for 9.7 students, compared to 12-15 in the state universities. This means that teachers know little of their students in person, and you will be much easier to strike up friendly relations with them (which is useful in the future for letters of recommendation, etc.).


And last but not least, in small best online university of Virginia quite safe campuses. This is achieved primarily by limiting the size of the university usa (the average number of students can reach a few hundred to 5000 people) and due to its location. If you act in a private university, be prepared for what is likely is small in size, located far from the Metropolis College, which lives its own active, interesting and varied cultural life.


  • · Radford University
  • · Richard Bland College
  • · Liberty University
  • · Southern Virginia College
  • · Sweet Briar College
  • · Southside Virginia Community College
  • · Southwest Virginia Community College
  • · Thomas Nelson Community College
  • · Stratford University
  • · Tidewater Community College
  • · Virginia Community College System
  • · Shenandoah University
  • · Virginia Highlands Community College
  • · Patrick Henry College
  • · Saint Paul`s College
  • · Virginia Western Community College
  • · Norfolk State University
  • · Regent University
  • · American Military University
  • · Randolph-Macon Woman`s College
  • · Longwood University
  • · Lynchburg College
  • · Mary Baldwin College
  • · Bluefield College
  • · Randolph-Macon College
  • · Purdue University System - School of Technology at Richmond
  • · Old Dominion University
  • · Bridgewater College
  • · Christendom College
  • · Roanoke College
  • · Christopher Newport University
  • · College of Health Sciences
  • · Marymount University
  • · College of William and Mary
  • · Mary Washington College
  • · DeVry University-Crystal City
  • · Averett College
  • · Virginia Commonwealth University
  • · Germanna Community College
  • · Virginia Intermont College
  • · Lord Fairfax Community College
  • · John Tyler Community College
  • · Virginia International University
  • · George Washington University - Virginia Campus
  • · Hampden-Sydney College
  • · Eastern Mennonite University
  • · Hampton University
  • · Emory and Henry College
  • · Hollins University
  • · Institute of Textile Technology
  • · James Madison University
  • · Jefferson College of Health Sciences
  • · United States Marine Corps University
  • · University of Mary Washington
  • · New River Community College
  • · University of Richmond
  • · University of Virginia
  • · Ferrum College
  • · University of Virginia`s College at Wise Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • · Virginia Military Institute
  • · Patrick Henry Community College
  • · George Mason University
  • · Virginia State University
  • · Virginia Union University
  • · Northern Virginia Community College
  • · Virginia Wesleyan College
  • · Washington and Lee University
  • · Rappahannock Community College 
  • · Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • · English Language Institute of Virginia Tech - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • · Christchurch School  
  • · Blue Ridge Community College
  • · Central Virginia Community College
  • · Commonwealth College
  • · Danville Community College
  • · Eastern Shore Community College
  • · Mountain Empire Community College

  In 2010 academic year the number of foreign students enrolled in the best university in New Jersey USA, has grown significantly and amounted to 564,766 persons. However, according to recent estimates, in 2011 academic year show a more active growth. It is important that every year the United States more confidently declare themselves as an attractive area of ​​higher education in New Jersey for MBA for international students wishing to obtain a university or professional higher education in USA. This is due to the wide variety of educational institutions, (top college, new school, best university in New Jersey USA), as well as their academic reputation and experience accumulated.

 According to the survey, 45% best university in New Jersey USA has increased the number of foreign students, 26% decreased and 29% remained the same.
The main reason for reducing the number of foreign students 20% of respondents of best university in New Jersey USA, who reported reducing the flow of students from other countries, called the delay or denial of a visa. However, the situation is gradually changing for the better in comparison to 2005, when the problems with the issuance of visas to 35% of respondents complained. Another reason for the decline in the number of foreign students 16% of schools called the cost of training, while 7% said it more attractive for students of other best universities USA. Representatives of several MBA colleges in USA associated reduction in the flow of students from other countries with a combination of several factors, including: increased competition from other countries, increased educational opportunities in the home countries of students, as well as competition for foreign students in the U.S. top online universities.

 In 2010 the sector of language higher education in the United States was recorded a positive trend for several reasons. The representative of a company providing educational services to the agent, Chris Taylor, said that in 2010 the number of foreign students, who have used their services, grew by 22% compared to 2009 while in the first half of 2011, an increase of 26%. He relates this growth, including, and with weak U.S. dollar positions in several key markets, while the U.S. continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations.
Speaking of trends in the choice of courses, Richmond said the reorientation of the academic programs of higher-level language. Students are increasingly showing interest in a more thorough study of grammar, university preparatory courses and MBA USA, bible online study, english course online, as well as in-depth study of pronunciation.

 The representative of the language school St. Giles International San Francisco also said a significant influx of foreign students in their higher education college in USA: in 2010, an increase of 30% in the first half of 2011 - 40% (!). Here we also note the growing interest in academic programs online, which prompted the school to re-brand the course Study Year Abroad Course, now called the International Semester Course. The rebranding was supported by an active marketing campaign, with an updated course has become the most popular among foreign students.

Christopher Malenfant of the language school ELC calls the main supplier countries of their students' Korea, Japan, Spain and Italy. However, in 2006-2007 there were reduction in the flow of students from Japan. He attributes this to the reassignment of students in favor of Australia and New Zealand.
According K.Malenfanta, a recent trend where a growing number of U.S. top universities offer special educational programs for foreign students, teenagers. For example, the increasingly popular summer programs for youth. Young people and their parents increasingly prefer no program in Europe and the United States. Currently, only a few language schools offer similar programs of America, and ELC could find its niche in this business. Adhere to the same direction and at a language school St. Giles, where this summer, "by popular demand," kicked off the program for 12-17-year-olds.
In general, the forecasts of the U.S. educational market looks bright, with many schools have an active policy to attract foreign students, which will certainly contribute to the growth of the market, and competition will be a stimulus to improve the quality of services provided.

The list of universities and colleges New Jersey.

  • · Felician College

  • · Atlantic Community College

  • · Bergen Community College

  • · Berkeley College

  • · Berkeley College - Bergen

  • · Berkeley College - Garret Mountain

  • · Berkeley College - Middlesex

  • · Berkeley College - New York City

  • · Berkeley College - Westchester

  • · Brookdale Community College

  • · Burlington County College

  • · Camden County College

  • · County College of Morris

  • · Cumberland County College

  • · Essex County College

  • · Gloucester County College
  • ·
  •  Hudson County Community College

  • · Mercer County Community College

  • · Middlesex County College

  • · Ocean County College

  • · Passaic County Community College

  • · Raritan Valley Community College

  • · Salem Community College

  • · Sussex County Community College

  • · Union County College

  • · Warren County Community College

  • · Bloomfield College

  • · Caldwell College

  • · Centenary College

  • · College of New Jersey, The

  • · College of Saint Elizabeth

  • · Drew University

  • · Fairleigh Dickinson University

  • · Georgian Court College

  • · Kean University

  • · Monmouth University

  • · Montclair State University

  • · New Jersey City University

  • · New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • · Princeton University

  • · Ramapo College

  • · Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

  • · Rider University

  • · Rowan University

  • · Rutgers University - Camden

  • · Rutgers University - New Brunswick

  • · Rutgers University - Newark

  • · Saint Peter`s College

  • · Seton Hall University

  • · Stevens Institute of Technology

  • · Thomas Edison State College

  • · University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  • · Upsala College

  • · William Paterson University

Capital City: Albany

Area: 141,205 sq. km. km

Population: 19,306,183 people.

Application letter: NY

State Motto: Excelsior!

 Despite the fact that New York is most often associated with the city of New York (and in particular to its area of ​​Manhattan), a large part of the state - a farm, forest, rivers, mountains and lakes. Throughout the state there are several nature reserves - enough to say that the total length of the local rivers is 08 112 654 km, and the orchids alone in New York, rising as much as 58 species. Farming is one of the main items of revenue in the state - by the way, the oldest in the U.S. livestock ranches were established in New York in 1747 in Montauk, which on Long Island.

 At the top college, new school, best university in new york city USA has about 600 thousand foreign students, most of which (about 80 thousand people) are trained in California and New York (66 thousand). An important part during the Higher education in New York City is to work during their studies. The possibility of obtaining foreign students working in the U.S. and we would like to tell in this article.

 Higher education in New York city is distinguished by high quality and relatively high cost, so foreign students cannot support themselves. There are a number of restrictions on hiring foreigners, and some types of visas prohibit career completely. Most foreign students can count, mostly to work on campus, work in practice or work for the summer exchange program.

 You should be aware that even if you find a job, it will be paid enough to cover your expenses for Higher education in New York City and lodging. Usually a job on campus pay 1-2 thousand dollars, and about the same amount you can earn during the summer holidays.

 Here we would like to talk about student visas in the U.S. for study in top college, new school, best university in New York city USA and opportunities for work to be provided under these visas.

• F-1 - the most common type of visa for those wishing to study in theoretical courses at accredited top college, new school, best university in New York city USA or to study English at a university or specialized language English courses.

• J-1 - a visa for persons entering the country on exchange and online degree programs. It can be educational or cultural exchange programs.

• M-1 - a visa for non-academic students and vocational trainees in courses or in top college USA, new school, best university in New York city.

 Students, who entered the U.S. on a visa M-1, cannot rely on the work, except for the training provided for the educational program. If you entered the country on F-1 visa, you will not be able to work off campus during their first year of training in in top college, new school, best university in new york city USA, but you will be able to earn on campus. In this case your work will be limited to 20 hours per week. Full-time (40 hours per week) is allowed during the vacation, if you return back to training after the holidays. To work on-campus students do not need permission of Immigration and Naturalization Service - INS; however, to begin work within the walls of the school of foreign students must obtain a personal number in the system of social insurance (Social Security Number) and fill out a form (Form I-9). You may also need permission from the specialist to work with foreign students.

 Working on campus can include the following vacancies: a specialist in computer networks, a teaching assistant, assistant to the research projects, an assistant in the library, coffee shop, tutoring, etc.

 Graduate students enrolled in cooperative online degree programs, can often get a work permit for off-campus employer, if he has a contract with an educational institution for the organization of working practice or research. That is, work is available to students within the educational and online degree programs.

 After the first year of study in top college USA, new school, best university in New York city students, who entered the country on a F-1 visa, may apply to the Immigration and Naturalization Service for permission to work off-campus, with this document must be obtained before return to work. Such a permit is often issued when a student is experiencing serious financial difficulties faced by no fault of their own, such as severe fluctuations in the exchange rate, the termination of financial assistance, job loss on the campus, a significant increase in spending on training in top college USA, new school, best university in New York city or residence, the sudden deterioration of the financial status or unforeseen medical expenses. In this case the student must have good academic performance and study full-time students. In the INS must provide the following documents: Form I-765 (Application for Temporary Employment Authorization), certified by the educational institution the Form I-538, a copy of the Form I-9, as well as pay a monetary contribution. Obtained a work permit valid for one year.

 Dependents and persons accompanying the student can enter the U.S. under the relevant M-2 visa, F-2 and J-2 and to study in any educational programs, and they can not rely on financial aid. Get the job will only persons who have received the J-2 visa.

 After training you can get a temporary job in the U.S. To do this, you will need to obtain the status of H-1B. Your education must meet the requirements for candidates for a specific job. In addition, you should get an official job offer from an American employer. Paperwork to obtain H-1B status should do your employer.

Remember that students are not eligible to work off-campus or practical training, if they had not received permission from the authorities. Otherwise, the student shall be subject to deportation.
In addition, international students can expect to work in the United States under the State Department's Work + Travel.Students can work during the summer vacation period and remain in the country for up to 4 months. Each year, this possibility is hundreds of students of top college USA, new school, best university in New York city.
This program gives young people the opportunity to learn America, its culture and people to improve their English, earn and make friends. Participants of this program are also allowed to travel the country for a month.
To participate in the program may be full-time students of Higher education in New York City, and they must know English at a level sufficient for the job. After expiration of the program students will return home to continue their studies in their countries.

List of universities New York city in USA

• Jefferson Community College

• Monroe College

• College of Technology at Canton

• City University of New York System - Bronx Community College

• Onondaga Community College

• Orange County Community College

• Rockland Community College

• City University of New York System - Queensborough Community College

• Sage Junior College of Albany

• Schenectady County Community College

• The Knox School

• State University of New York

• Monroe Community College

• Suffolk County Community College

• City University of New York System - Kingsborough Community College

• Sullivan County Community College

• Mohawk Valley Community College

• Clinton Community College

• Tompkins Cortland Community College

• City University of New York System - LaGuardia Community College

• Alfred University

• Trocaire College

• Ulster County Community College

• Villa Maria College of Buffalo

• New York University School of Law

• Adirondack Community College

• Broome Community College

• Cayuga County Community College

• Ackerman Institute for the Family Therapy

• City University of New York System - Borough of Manhattan Community College

• Albany College of Pharmacy

• New York Film Academy

• City University of New York System - Hostos Community College

• Albany Law School of Union University

• Adelphi University Westchester Community College

• Albany Medical Center

• Boricua College

• Nassau Community College

• Audrey Cohen College

• Bank Street College of Education

• City University of New York System - New York City College of Technology

• City University of New York System - College of Staten Island

• Bard College

• North Country Community College

• Barnard College

• Niagara County Community College

• Brooklyn Law School

• Canisius College

• Canyon College Cazenovia College City University of New York System

• City University of New York System - Baruch College

• Hilbert College

• City University of New York System - City College

• Hamilton College

• City University of New York System - Medger Evers College

• Long Island University - Westchester Campus

• City University of New York System - Graduate School and University Center

• Hobart and William Smith Colleges

• Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus

• City University of New York System - Hunter College

• Houghton College

• City University of New York System - Queens College

• Fordham University

• Clarkson University

• City University of New York System

• Medger Evers CollegeIona College

• College of Mount St. Vincent

• Ithaca College

• City University of New York System - York College

Juilliard School,

• Dominican College

• Manhattanville College

• City University of New York System - Brooklyn College

• Long Island University - Brentwood Campus

• Colgate University

• Keuka College

• Rochester Institute of Technology

• Medaille College

• City University of New York System - John Jay College of Criminal Justice

• Five Towns College

• Long Island University - Rockland Campus

• City University of New York System - Lehman College

• Elmira College

• Laboratory Institute of Merchandising

• Hartwick CollegeLong Island University - Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

• College of Aeronautics

• Excelsior College

• Manhattan College

• Manhattan School of Music

• Parsons School of Design

• Marymount Manhattan College

• Daemen College

• Mercy College

• City University of New York System - Queens College

• Hofstra UniversityColgate University

• College of Mount St. Vincent

• Hamilton College

• College of Aeronautics

• State University of New York System - Buffalo

• City University of New York System - York College

• Le Moyne College

• College of Agriculture & Technology at Morrisville

• Metropolitan College of New York

• City University of New York System - Lehman College

• Nazareth College

• State University of New York System - College at Fredonia

• Columbia-Greene Community CollegeNew York Institute of Technology

• Long Island University - C.W. Post Campus

• State University of New York System - College at Purchase

• New York Medical College

• Pace University

• Long Island University

• Saint John Fisher College

• Columbia University

• Concordia College-New York

• Polytechnic University of New York

• State University of New York System - College of Optometry

• College of Technology at Delhi

• Practical Bible College

• State University of New York System - College at Plattsburgh

• College of New Rochelle

• Marist College

• College of Technology at Alfred

• Dutchess Community College

• Finger Lakes Community College

• Fulton-Montgomery Community College

• Genesee Community College

• Herkimer County Community College

• Hudson Valley Community College

• State University of New York System - College at Potsdam

• Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

• State University of New York System - College of Agriculture and Technology at Morrisville

• New School University

• Jamestown Community College

• State University of New York System - College at Buffalo (Buffalo State College)

• New York College of Podiatric Medicine

• Corning Community College

• State University of New York System - College at Geneseo
• DYouville College

• Saint John `s University

• Saint Joseph `s College, New York

• Erie Community College

• Niagara University

• Saint Lawrence University

• Dowling College

• Paul Smith `s College

• Saint Thomas Aquinas College

• School of Visual Arts

• Siena College

• State University of New York System

• New York University

• Cornell University

• State University of New York System - Albany

• Roberts Wesleyan College

• State University of New York System - Binghamton

• Mount Saint Mary College
• Culinary Institute of America

• State University of New York System - College at Brockport

• Sarah Lawrence College
• State University of New York System - College at New Paltz

• Nyack College

• State University of New York System - Stony Brook

• Saint Francis College, Brooklyn Heights

• State University of New York System - College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill

• Molloy College

• Pratt Institute

• State University of New York System - College of Environmental Science and Forestry

• Marymount College

• State University of New York System - College of Technology at Alfred

• College of Saint Rose

• State University of New York System - College of Technology at Delhi

• State University of New York System - Fashion Institute of Technology

• Concordia College-Bronxville

• Utica College of Syracuse University

• State University of New York System - Health Science Center at Brooklyn

• Syracuse University

• Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art,

• State University of New York System - College at Oswego

• Wells College

• State University of New York System - College at Oneonta


• Touro College


• State University of New York System - College at Old Westbury

• Touro University International

• Trinity Southern University

• Vassar College

• Unification Theological Seminary

• English Language Institute - Manhattanville College

• Union College

• State University of New York System - College of Technology at Farmingdale

• Union Theological Seminary

• Zoni Language Centers - Intensive English Programs

• United States Merchant Marine Academy

• State University of New York System - College of Technology at Canton

• United States Military Academy


• University of Rochester

• State University of New York System - Institute of Technology at Utica / Rome Wagner College

• Webb Institute


• Teachers College, Columbia University

• Yeshiva University

• American Language Institute - New York University

• State University of New York System - Maritime College at Ft. Schuyler

• Language Studies International - Metropolitan College of New York 



We offer a rough outline of how the distance learning online university. Recently, higher education online is becoming an integral part of life dynamic and motivated people who value their time. University INTERNET DEPARTMENT is one of the foremost institutions of higher education, which represents a decent sample distance of the university. Consider the basic design elements of online university INTERNET DEPARTMENT.

• Admission to the Internet department maybe as a traditional way, just arrived, and institute, and through a special system of admission on the website, without the personal presence of applicants.

• After processing all the documents required for admission, you formed an individual training plan and training schedule;

• Next, according to the curriculum formed the first block of subjects for study, for which you need to make payment;

• After receiving your payment, we provide you with access to teaching materials on paid subjects (video lessons, workshops, lectures, tutorials and online lessons):

o on the disk,

o in printed form,

o on the site.

• When further interactions with the manager of the Internet department you are entitled to receive all necessary information about the learning process: a personal schedule, monitor progress, teachers, etc.

• You also have the opportunity to get advice from teachers on the implementation of the theoretical and coursework, as well as on preparations for the examinations and tests, through the web site of the Institute www.sibe.ru or other means as agreed with the manager of the Internet department;

• Commissioning tests, exams, test, term papers, tests and other test is carried out either through a special system of testing on the site, or directly upon arrival at the institution after agreeing it with the manager of online faculty;

• After acquiring prepaid block courses, you choose the next set of disciplines (must be harmonized with the manager) and pay it;

• At the final stage of training programs of higher education, you have the right to choose the head of graduate engineering, as well as the topic of the diploma (required coordination with the head);

• Upon completion of training you will receive a diploma of state sample:

• At any stage of training at the institute you have the right to order additional sets of services through the Internet Department Manager (additional advice, additional training materials, additional disciplines, courses, etc.);

• You also have the right to study the program further education, business education, and obtain other services related to your profession.

Online education in colleges and distance study in universities - a unique opportunity to BECOME A MEMBER OF THE DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ITS INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PROJECT chosen specialty and Practice Areas

Individual educational project online at the moment education in colleges and distance study in universities - is:

• Co-manager and student interaction to develop and implement an individual educational program;

• Selection of training programs and specific type of professional activity of the student;

• Development of an individual schedule and sequence of study subjects according to individual needs;

• Individual choice of content control, term papers, thesis papers, etc., taking into account the present or future careers of the student;

• Choice of additional educational services tailored to individual needs;

• Possibility of formation of individual project for career growth;

• Participate in the formation of the cost (expenses) for the implementation of the selected educational project;

• Participate in determining the schedule of payment.

Individual educational project online at the moment education in colleges and distance study in universities - for those:

• Who has a serious purpose for the future and is committed to continuous professional development and career advancement;

• Who wants himself to participate in shaping the educational program, according to their needs;

• Who wants to define itself dates and sequence of study subjects;

• Who is interested in the individualization of instruction;

• Who wants to grow professionally and develop the use of modern computer technology in education;

• Who wants to be able to use all sorts of additional educational services to best meet their individual needs;

• Who wants to form a separate project a career in the light of their goals in life;

• Who does not want to be tied to the standard curriculum and schedules;

• Who wants to be involved in determining prices for additional services and the timing of payments.

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